Our Mission statement is to bring awareness to ordinary people about Alkalinity vs Acidity!

We promote a wholistic approach to Health and Well Being through Nutrition, Hydration, Detoxification, and Positive Thinking,

Your health is YOUR Responsibility!

Alkaline Water!

We carry 8.5-9.5ph Ionized Water. The unit we use to produce our water is the LevLuk SD501 We are distributors of household water ionizers just email Bro Walid at; acid2alkalinehm@gmail.com

In store customers have the options between the 2.2 liter sportsbottle, the 1 gallon size & 2.5 gallon with spout or 5 gallon size.

Bulk Herbs/Teas

We carry an assortment of Organic herbs and all natural teas in store!

We will be soon exposing our herbal combinations to our online customers as well!

Nigella Sativa Oil

Our Virgin Cold-Pressed Nigella Sativa (Black Seed Oil) is available now online acid2alkalinehm.com

The best oil to boost you immune system!.